Our group discussed over why are there so many people internationally affected by myopia and we came up with the  reasons listed below.

People generally don't give much care to their eyes such as overusing the eyes without giving them constant breaks .If everyone could give their eyes a break once every 2 hours after looking at electronic devices by doing a simple eye massage or just looking into the distance can protect your eyes a lot if the routine is done everyday.They use their phone in the darkness/dim light which tire and give  the eyes unnecessary stress as the eyes will try to focus back and forth between dark and bright points of focus (screen and darkness of room), and will eventually increase the myopia degree. Supplements for the eyes can also be purchased or eating food rich in vitamin C .

People don’t know how to give their eyes proper care. They don't know what are the steps for the simple eye massage or taking which supplements/food  can give the eye more protection. For example, the eye massage should be done with little pressure on the fingers as the skin around the eye is the thinnest and if not done with care will stretch the skin and wrinkles will appear. If possible, try to use the ring finger as it gives the eyes the least pressure .Food high in vitamin c gives the eyes positive and protective effects.

People are mostly unaware of the consequences of them being inflicted with myopia. Even though scientists/doctors  have found ways to reduce the myopia degree of a person - such as by using laser to shine through the irises, a common and popular method - these methods are usually not very reliable, and sometimes, these methods fail to cure someone from their myopia, further worsening the degree instead. As to date, there is no exact true reliable method to cure someone from myopia. Therefore, it is best for people who are not inflicted by myopia to care for their eyes before it is too late.

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