From our research, we can safely deduce that most of the people who have myopia know that is a major problem affected by many of all ages in Singapore. However, they do not know the proper precautions take in taking care of their eyes and thus they eventually get myopia. Normally in Singapore there are many presentations and talks from the people from the Singapore Health Promotion Board given in schools about myopia. However, minimal details are actually given on how to actually take care of our eyes, and that is most slightly why people still get affected by myopia. Not taking care of our eyes will only worsen the myopia degree so taking care of our eye is just as important as preventing myopia. Linking the conclusion back to our topic - causes, effects and preventions of myopia - we can say that there are many  causes of myopia, but one of main cause of myopia is right in front of our eyes: electronic devices. In the 21st century, almost everyone own a electronic device. Yes, we too agree that electronic devices are very helpful and people who have the most devices are considered as being ‘cool’ or 'trendy', but having close-up screen time with electronic devices actually cause and worsen myopia. People spend way too much time constantly staring at their mobile devices, laptop or iPad which leads to the other main cause of myopia; which is not giving your eyes a break it deserves. Eyes get tired out too and tired eyes will strain to see things and thats when most people get contradicted with myopia. Ironically, electronic devices can also be the source of taking care of our eyes. It only takes a few minutes to search by 'google-ing' ways to take care of our eyes. Also, for people who are currently not affected by myopia, they should also take precaution and start taking care of their eyes as the saying goes "Prevention is better than cure".

Below are several simple recommended ways on how to take care of your eyes:

-Give your eyes a break every 2-4 hrs by looking into the distance, doing a eye massage or just close your eyes and relax.

-Take eye supplements or eat vegetables and fruits high in vitamin C such as carrots, sweet potato and blueberry.

-Do not read or use your phone in dim light and never focus on a bright light - like the sun - directly.

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