Monday, 10 February 2014

Survey Questions For Causes,Effects and Preventions for Myopia

Survey Questions:

Q1) Do you have myopia?If Yes, do you normally wear spectacles or contact lens?If no, did you take any precautions for not getting myopia?Please elaborate.

Q2) At what age did you started to get myopia?

Q3) How did you get myopia?
1. Using your handphone in the dark
2. Lying down to read books
3. Watching long hours of Tv 
4. Using long hours of the computer
5. Not giving your eyes constant breaks every 2 hours when you study.
6. Others:_______________________

Q4) Did Your myopia degree worsen over the years?If so,please answer honestly if you have taken good care of your eyes.

Q5) Do you want your eyesight to get better?

Q6) Do you know ways to improve and prevent  short-sightedness ?

Q7) Does your eyes feel tired and dry often?

Q8) Lastly,does your family members have myopia too?

Thank you very much.

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