Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Our Questions

Question 1

Are there any preventions or cures for the more frequent illnesses and diseases around the world?

Question 2
Is poor hygiene playing a part in causing people around the world to be sick?

Question 3
Do people around the world eat meals that are more healthier (or meals that are recommended by their doctors/nutritionists) on a regular basis in order to build up their immune system?

Question 4
Are people taking precautions to stay healthy?

Question 5
What is the main reason for people to fall sick ?

Question 6
How many people died  internationally every year due to having an incurable sickness?

Question 7
How long does it normally takes to be able to find a cure for incurable diseases?

Question 8
In which part of the world are people most affected by health problems.

Question 9
What is the most common sickness that caused people to die and in what ways can we prevent from getting the disease.

Question 10
Are people making an effort to stay healthy?

Question 11
Does a person’s environment and surroundings  affect the chances of getting a incurable   sickness?

Question 12
Is the governments doing something to lead people to have a healthier  lifestyle so that the risks of getting a sickness can be lesser?

Question 13
how singaporeans handle dyslexia?

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